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Founder and President

Our CEO and Founder of YBS Kids, Deidra R. O'Neal, is an enthusiastic person who enjoys being around others and positively impacting her community. She is a proud graduate of an HBCU, where she majored in Hotel & Restaurant Management and earned her Master of Science Degree in Nonprofit Management. In addition to the work she does at YBS Kids, Deidra also works a full-time job as well as raising her family.

Growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles, Deidra was exposed to many learning opportunities that allowed her to form connections and explore interests that shaped her future. Now, as a wife and a mother of 4 raising her family in suburban America, she realizes that her children lack the cultural knowledge, self-pride, and necessary life skills that living in the inner-city offers. This realization led Deidra to establish YBS Kids in 2019. 

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Plano Mother Creates Program

for Young Black and Suburban Kids 

Black Entrepreneur Experience

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