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Building a strong CULTURAL CONNECTION with our Young, Black and Suburban Kids

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Invest in young minds today to empower future leaders. Your contribution provides resources, mentorship, and education for young people to unlock their potential and shape a brighter future.


Your sponsorship will make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals in our community. Join us in shaping a brighter future for our youth.


Donate to support education and inspire young minds. Invest in knowledge, inspire dreams, and build a brighter future for our young, Black, and suburban kids. 

Our Story

In 2019, our nonprofit organization aimed to provide young children in suburban communities with opportunities to learn, connect with others, and embrace culture. Educating our children about diversity is crucial for understanding the essence of culture and unity in today's society. We decided to launch YBS Kids for this reason.

Our Focus Areas

Our organization primarily focuses on educational programs and workshops designed to empower young Black people from a cultural perspective. We also provide various skill-building initiatives that inspire and instill confidence in the youth. Our aim is to empower young people through the arts while encouraging them to participate in community service projects, social initiatives, and volunteering opportunities that positively impact society.

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Black History


Financial Literacy


Cultural Awareness


Volunteering Service


College Readiness 


Health and Wellness

Our Sponsors

Your generous support helps YBS Kids continue to be a source of giving to our community's young Black and suburban children and youth.

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