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Our cultural awareness programs, young children and youth reflect

on Black culture through activities that focus on their rich

heritage and identity.

Program participants engage in:

  • Cultural and Heritage Reading Challenge

  • Let's Talk: Black History virtual discussions

  • Exploring Cultural Arts in the Collin County and surrounding area

Life Skills Program

Our life skills program provides the tools for children and youth to become successful, productive members of society, enabling them to take on challenges with confidence.


  • Financial literacy

  • Self-care awareness

  • College and career readiness (Access to Awesome)


Community Involvement

The objective of YBS Kids Cares is to bring awareness to the people who live in and also the people who support and assist in our neighborhoods. 

  • Classroom supplies and book drive for Plano ISD

  • Preparing bag lunches for hungry students

  • Providing appreciation meals for the community

  • Other volunteer opportunities serving the community in need

Looking to Volunteer? 



"What a great opportunity to discuss and teach important historical events outside the traditional classroom".


"Our children are our future and I am honestly horrified that it takes us so long to understand how important culture is. It is our job to make sure the same shortcomings are not passed on to our children.

Keep up the Great work YBS Kids!"